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Hello world, it’s been a while! I’ve found it very hard to write of late. I’ve recently had to make the decision to leave my coven, which has been very hard on me and everyone involved, I haven’t been the healthiest little witch and I’ve also had writer’s block as to what to actually write here. Ironic, considering the reason I started the 30 Days meme in the first place!

To me, my thoughts on cosmology are something that is so innate, so deep within me, that I rarely think about it consciously. As a result, I’ve found it really hard to write about!

I’ve always been of a very animistic view. For me, there has been no difference between “the universe” and “Divinity/God/Great Spirit/All-that-is/whatever you want to call it”. They have always been one and the same. I believe, as many Wiccans do, that divinity exists everywhere: in trees, plants, animals, rocks, the ocean, the air we breathe, space… Everything is spirit. Everything is divine. As I’ll get on to in later entries, this is how I believe magic works: we are all in touch with a spark of this divinity, and can therefore get in touch with it on a grander level in order to create change.

For me, I’ve never seen it as so much “God created the world”, it’s more of a “God chose to manifest as the world”. I believe that the Great Spirit (the name I usually attribute to this) has always simply been. There was no clear beginning. That is something that, in this incarnation, is mind-boggling to try and contemplate. We’re so used to thinking of time as a linear thing with a clear beginning and end, but I don’t believe the universe quite works like that. I am inclined to believe that the Big Bang occurred, but I don’t believe that was the beginning of everything. I think the Great Spirit was before that, but the Big Bang was a way for it to manifest.

I believe that there are other worlds apart from the physical world we are used to – I’m still not sure what they all are, as I haven’t experienced them fully, but I have no doubt they are there. I believe these are just more manifestations of the Great Spirit.

I have always loved this song to bits, yes I am a self-confessed Disney nut, but I think it’s such a simple, beautiful way of expressing some of what I’ve talked about. Enjoy 🙂


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