Trees and concert prep

After a stressful morning of waking up early and running around like a crazy person, I got to spend some Earth Path time wandering around the beautiful area where my boyfriend lives. It’s such a lovely place – houses all built on hills, untamed areas of trees and plants, birds chirping everywhere, big paddocks…. It’s one of my favourite places to spend time. My two favourite spots are the willow tree that sits by the pond, and the little creek that runs down right in the middle of the “forest” area.

Today, though, I spent my 20 minutes or so with this massive oak tree just up from the pond. I’d only really noticed it in winter when it was fairly unassuming, and didn’t get very close because there was a grumpy magpie living nearby (yes, love of trees, fear of birds. Go figure…). But today, there was no magpie in sight and the tree was richly covered in leaves. It’s such a beautiful tree – very old, branches going right down to the ground. Sitting near the trunk was like stepping into a completely different place. It was just me and this gorgeous, old, wise oak.

I spent a little while just noticing the tree. The poor thing must get so neglected; it’s fairly out of the way. Trees love just being noticed, having people actually bother with them. I cleaned up some of the litter people had thrown around, and I sat down and just looked around. I watched the branches waving in the wind and felt the little drops of rain falling on me from the branches. I felt the texture of the trunk and the leaves and I found all the little hidey holes that the birds use. It was a really beautiful experience. It’s such a beautiful old tree.

I then just meditated with the tree for a while, we did a bit of an exchange of energies and got to know each other a bit. I let colours and images come as they pleased, and I think some of these will be messages to meditate on later.

Anyway, that made my morning – evening was the last belly dance class for the year. Only two days til our end of year concert. I’m really looking forward to it. I remember towards the end of my time doing ballet I used to think it was really lame that people looked forward to the silly little studio concert, but I can’t help it. Performing is just fun. Full stop.

Our intermediate class is doing a fairly simple veil dance, but the music is lovely and veils always look pretty. I think the challenge with veil stuff is trying to make it look graceful and effortless, despite never quite knowing whether you’ll end up stepping on or dropping the thing! The scariest bit by far, though, is where Prue (my teacher) and I have our little solo-y bit, featuring very fast and numerous butterfly turns.

Then there’s the student troupe dance, which is a super-fun, fast, “ham and cheese” affair. Again, looking all smiley and happy when you’re actually dripping with sweat and gasping for air takes quite a bit of effort!

So right now I’m all pepped up and happy, the way I am after a good dance class and with a gig coming up! I need something to work towards during the holidays dance-wise… Methinks I need to fish around for some tricky moves that I want to try and perfect or something. Ideas?

Anyway, I think I’ve rambled enough for today! Still getting used to this blogging thing….



Hello, people who find themselves reading this. Welcome to my humble corner of the internet.

I decided to start a blog because I want to share the goings-on in my head and in my life with people who have similar goings-on. I also want to hear about said similar goings-on. I’ll ask you for opinions on things, I’ll probably spam you with recordings and videos from time to time, ask questions, etc. etc. That’s if people are actually reading it. We shall see…

There isn’t just one thing I want to write about, so I’m not going to try to limit it! There are four things, though, that you’ll hear (or… read) about most:

Druidry: I’m just beginning my year of study as a candidate with the Ancient Order of Druids in America. I’ll be writing about my experiences, things I need to achieve within the year, challenges I’m facing and so on.
Wicca: My spiritual path of 5 years now, this is a topic close to my heart. I’ll probably post about Sabbats and rituals I’m involved with, books I read, spells, debates and ethical stuff.
Belly Dance: So, I’ve only had a year’s training but I’m kind of obsessed. After 12 years of ballet and jazz, belly dance has been a breath of fresh air for me. I’ll probably be writing about classes and performances and shiny costumes and that new move I finally got right.
Music: Of which I am a complete and utter nerd. Just finished my second year of my BMus, majoring in voice, I’m also singing in a 5-piece a cappella group and a jazz/pop band. As well as teaching piano, flute, clarinet and singing and going to see gigs and listening to things… You’ll hear about some of it at least!

So feel free not to like all of the above things. That’s what tagging is for!

There is, of course, the very real chance that I’ll be terrible at blogging. I’ve never done this before and I’ve got not a clue as to whether I can write! Bear with me, though, and hopefully I’ll get better. Do let me know if you like what I’m writing, if you don’t like what I’m writing, if there’s some super-duper-fancy Blogger’s Rule that I’m not following. I like hearing from people.

So, welcome, and enjoy your stay…

Shel 🙂

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