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New Video!

It’s shameless plug time.

Yes I am working on the next few entries for the 30 days meme, and will have lots of exciting belly dance stuff to write about very soon, but for now have a look at this. Recent video of my a cappella group towards the end of a mammoth 2 and a half hour gig we were asked to do!



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Hello, people who find themselves reading this. Welcome to my humble corner of the internet.

I decided to start a blog because I want to share the goings-on in my head and in my life with people who have similar goings-on. I also want to hear about said similar goings-on. I’ll ask you for opinions on things, I’ll probably spam you with recordings and videos from time to time, ask questions, etc. etc. That’s if people are actually reading it. We shall see…

There isn’t just one thing I want to write about, so I’m not going to try to limit it! There are four things, though, that you’ll hear (or… read) about most:

Druidry: I’m just beginning my year of study as a candidate with the Ancient Order of Druids in America. I’ll be writing about my experiences, things I need to achieve within the year, challenges I’m facing and so on.
Wicca: My spiritual path of 5 years now, this is a topic close to my heart. I’ll probably post about Sabbats and rituals I’m involved with, books I read, spells, debates and ethical stuff.
Belly Dance: So, I’ve only had a year’s training but I’m kind of obsessed. After 12 years of ballet and jazz, belly dance has been a breath of fresh air for me. I’ll probably be writing about classes and performances and shiny costumes and that new move I finally got right.
Music: Of which I am a complete and utter nerd. Just finished my second year of my BMus, majoring in voice, I’m also singing in a 5-piece a cappella group and a jazz/pop band. As well as teaching piano, flute, clarinet and singing and going to see gigs and listening to things… You’ll hear about some of it at least!

So feel free not to like all of the above things. That’s what tagging is for!

There is, of course, the very real chance that I’ll be terrible at blogging. I’ve never done this before and I’ve got not a clue as to whether I can write! Bear with me, though, and hopefully I’ll get better. Do let me know if you like what I’m writing, if you don’t like what I’m writing, if there’s some super-duper-fancy Blogger’s Rule that I’m not following. I like hearing from people.

So, welcome, and enjoy your stay…

Shel 🙂

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